Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow no more!!!

Well I work in special ed as you know and today was the 10th snow day. Since I came back from Christmas break, we have had 2 full weeks..I had plans to keep my grandbaby in June, so my daughter can go back to work from maternity leave in June, as of now we  are up to June 10th..Northwest Arkansas received record breaking temps and snow levels, reaching -21 and over 2 feet of snow..We have had 7 inches and 0 temps...All of this is not normal for Arkansa..Normally 3 inches of snow and we think we are having a blizzard..Next week temps are suppose to reach 70s... CRAZY!!!! The one thing I have accomplished is sewing projects for baby Isabel..She will be here in 9 weeks!!! So excited...Hope everyone is well!!!!Much love, Cindy