Sunday, October 31, 2010

Name Game

Let me see...
nanny,mammy,granny B
mee-maw, maw-maw, mam-maw, GiGi
grandma, gramma,  nana, gmaw, nonna C
oh whoever will I be ?

as you can tell I am pretty excited about this first gbaby
does anyone have any fun or different grandma names??

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

 Through the foggy woods
David ran
deeper and deeper
itno the forest
David ran
howling sounds
and eerie screams
David ran
and ran
it was Halloween night
moon shining bright
David ran
the air turned cold
he was full of fright
David ran
reached out
and snatched
David up
into it's
David fainted!!
David was never seen or heard from again!!!
Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

here we meet again
i fall for you-
autumn lovers

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am Woman

    Louise  left the front door open as she ran down the street screaming at him to stop!! She sees her shoe bounce off the back glass of his 2001 black Dodge Ram as he turns the corner. Does he not know he is dealing with a xanax taking, menopausal woman?she mutters under her breath.  How friggin difficult is it to get the newspaper in the box.?
    One shoe on , she limps to the corner to pick up her aging pink nike and looks around to see her nosey hateful neighbor looking at her over the top of her bifocals.She seriously thinks about giving her the finger, but thinks twice, and then goes ahead and does it anyway. Ha!Ha! take that you old bat!! and looks at the shocked looked on Mrs.Wimble's face. Smiles to herself.  
   Entering her house she rushes to answer the ringing phone.
Hello.....hello..... HELLOOO!!!! 
 This is United Grocers of the Grocery World, would you like to take our survey?
 Gimme a break, like I have nothing better to do.
 NO!!  I would NOT like to take your survey!! I do not buy groceries I live on fast food!!!she growls and hangs up the phone.

   Thelma closes her front door as she walks to pick up her newspaper off the ground. She waves and smiles at the man in the 2001 Black Dodge Ram. Silently wishing he would get the paper in the box.
  She sees Mrs. Wimble glaring at her over the top of her bifocals. She is her hateful, nosey neighbor who can never mind her own business. She waves and smiles at Mrs. Wimble, who in return turns her back and walks away.
Entering her house she rushes to answer her ringing phone..
Hello...hello....Is anyone there?
This is United Grocers of the Grocery World, would you like to take our survey?
 Of course she says..sighing to herself, I have nothing else better to do...

I am a Thelma on the outside, and a Louise on the inside. Somedays I am a Thelma and Louise rolled all up into one :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


you will feel
the firestorm
that once
 through your blood,
making you
as the sound of your heart
beat like a
 d r u m
you will feel the matchstrike
as the touch of your skin
 causing the electric
current to
making your toes curl
in complete
you will feel this
again and again

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Love

lookin in these eyes
memories flood my soul
of your momma
so many years ago
lookin in these eyes
I see
her sweet little face
bringing precious memories to me
lookin in these eyes
I begin to smile
all awhile
 the first time
I knew
 true baby love
Your momma
My very first neice...

Monday, October 11, 2010


On the outside of the box, she was a complete scene,
a peaceful waterfall on a beautiful sunny day,
but on the inside, the puzzle peices had been lost,
broken, the corner pieces gone, making the picture incomplete..
Her mind was jumbled with mass confusion,
thoughts twisting and untwisting like broken pretzels,
crumbs in the bottom of the bag, waiting to be thrown away..
She absorbed every emotion, every memory
as her brain soaked up all the words in her thoughts,
as her thoughts soaked up all the words in her brain..
She stumbled, she just stumbled...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Bullet List

  1. only child
  2. only grandchild
  3. first date with hubby June 11,1982
  4. married Sept.8, 1982
  5. no I was not pregnant
  6. married @ 16
  7. married 28 yrs
  8. first daughter at 18
  9. she weighed 10 lbs and 7 ounces
  10. no I did not have her naturally, was by csection
  11. she is now 26
  12. 5ft 8
  13.  and married
  14.  and carrying my first grandbaby :) :) :)
  15. second daughter at 21
  16. she weighed 7lbs. and 9 1/2 ounces
  17. she is now 23
  18. she is 6ft.1in
  19. yes she played basketball
  20. I am 5 ft 4 in
  21. I have lived in 5 homes my entire life
  22. 2 with my parents
  23. 3 with my husband
  24. all 5 have been within 10 miles of each other
  25. I have had 5 jobs
  26. 4 of them have been with kids
  27. I work in Special Education
  28. I know sign language
  29. I have had 2 csections, 1 hysterectomy (dont think2 is possible) one foot surgery
  30. the foot surgery sucked
  31. need another one on the other foot
  32. I am dragging my heels about that one
  33. haha! that was lame I know
  34. My hubby and I have cattle, dogs, chickens, horses, rabbits, turkeys, cat
  35. in the past we have had a pet deer, pet raccoons, peacocks, doves, potbellied pigs,donkeys, tumbling pigeons..iquana, parakeets, quinea pigs....i am probably forgetting something
  36. my favorite color is red
  37. I also love pink
  38. I drive a red mustang
  39. I love clothes!!!
  40. I love to shop!!!
  41. My favorite things to do are simple
  42. Reading....all kinds of books, but my faves are murder, murder, murder
  43. I love movies, all types of movies, not to much into science fiction, I like suspense and murder movies the best.
  44. I know 754 ways to kill someone without getting caught!!! haha..just joking
  45. I love to write, mainly about love and relationships, would love to pursue some things for kids
  46. I would like to learn to write better
  47. I love to take pictures
  48. I wish I had pursued a side career in photography
  49. I also love to draw and to paint
  50. I do not have a bit of talent in any of the above things I love to do
  51. I am learning to crochet, making a blanket for my gbaby to be
  52. When I turned 40... something happened to my somehwat normal brain and nothing has been the same since. Did not cope well with that number!!!
  53. I have learned more from the kids in my special education class than I have ever learned from anyone. They teach me something new each day!! I am so fortunate that this is the path that was chosen for me.
  54. I would love to write about the the things that are really in my head. But am scared too.
  55. I have only been out of the country once and that was Mexico..
  56. God has blessed me with so much that I have been so undeserving of!!!! Our God is an awesome God!!
  57. As of today I have been alive 44 years and 364 days.....
  58. I would love to read a bullet list about each of you :))))))

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


down in the field
where the cornstalks lay
I went for a ride
on a trailer full of hay
full of fear
full of fright
silvery moon
on a cold fall night
deep in the shadows
 I did see
something horrifying
 looking at me
hair that is snarled
hands that are gnarled
pointed hat
big black cat
where is
 the broomstick at?
I heard the screams
I heard the shout
Someone watch me
I am fixing to jump out
down in the field
where the cornstalks lay
I left my ride
on the trailer full of hay
last thing
they did see,
was that ugly old witch
chasing Me!!