Tuesday, June 16, 2009

with lips tasting of rain
your touch as powerful as thunder
your breath whispers to me
like wind through the pines
remembering our-
silent storm


  1. sounds a "catastrophic" relationship! :)

    kidding Cindy, good one -
    the effect of romantic novels, i guess :)


  2. Falling in love is "like a hurricane". Powerful verse.

    Best wishes

  3. This is ravishing, beautiful, wild, natural, I love it, one of my favourites, bravo sweet Cindy :)

  4. Devika, I do love romantic novels. Thank you!

    Ralf, Thanks so much!!

    Lorraine, I just love you! Thank you so much!! It is all about the passion between man and woman not necessarily the relationship! But can be either one!!

  5. Hi Cindy,

    I perhaps didn't mean "relationship" as the way it is...I just meant that "catastrophic moment" perhaps...

    dear Cindy, don't take me otherwise...i often have the habit of saying things as it strikes me...and to me, I might be younger to you by age, but all this passion and romance doesn't mean or appeal much in reality (It must be very contradictory with my statements at times...a lot depends on my mood)

    and in that spirit...I have the habit of belittling feelings, I know that it is wrong...

    I didn't mean to hurt any emotions...normally if some one makes that comment to me I am more happy than people saying "oh, there is so much feelings in this" ---

    and I just thought you would take it in that spirit...

    This is long as a mail..and very personal...because I wanted you to know...you may remove it, if you so wish, Cindy

    I just want no misunderstandings in the frienship, my dear


  6. Devika, You are such a sweetheart. There are no misunderstandings. I probably should have made myself a little more clear. ....When you read this poem it can be taken in several different ways. Some of the things I write are very personal to me, some things have no meaning what so ever. some stuff I write has hidden meanings that no one would get............. I love to see how people interpret what I write. This could very well be about a relationship, to me silent storm can be seen as passion or as turmoil. I was going for the passion part of it.....The reason I explained that is I have been HAPPILY married for 26 yrs. My grown daughters read the stuff I write and I do not ever want them to think that their dad and I have ever been anything but happy....I am all about emotions and feelings, I put a lot of that into what I write. I am a romantic at heart.....It means so much to me that you were concerned. I always want your honest opinion and how you take what I write. I love getting comments from everyone. But you and Lorraine I count on because you never miss any of mine. Yo can write me personal mail anytime you want!! All my love to you Devika :)

  7. Oh thank you so much, Cindy :)
    that relieves me so much...we as a husband and wife, with no children, love and live like children...teasing each other...and that's gone so badly into me...But I not stand the thought for a second that my words hurt someone..I have to clear that :)

    love, always...and if I can say that...like a sister, feel free to tell me of any aspect that you don't like in my comments,



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