Sunday, January 23, 2011

excess speed
my life
days become weeks,
weeks become months,
months turn into years etc.etc.
look back
memories so clear
then the things forgotten.....
do you remember?????
No I do not
no matter how hard I try
I don't recall
times in my life I have lost
but my children
not yet
45 and still trying to figure out
who I am
and what I want to be when I grow up....


  1. 37 i am still figuring it out as well...

  2. so cute, Cindy :)


  3. The age of "figuing out" can be a lot highter than ya'll talk about,, lol. but,, the trip does seem faster and faster...but I can't remember,,, what was I talking about,, lol,,,

  4. The forties are a microscope. We disect, we wonder, we recreate, and perhaps come back to a version of what we were, perhpas so much more. And Glenn is right...the growing up takes even longer than a decade.

  5. I identify!
    __Time travels so quickly it simply cannot be seen; -the hummingbird's wings-.
    __I remember many things, but my fear is,
    "my imagination may add to those memories." Oh, not lies... but truth, perhaps decorated by
    -the hummingbird's wings-.

    __Cindy, at 68... I've yet to stumble upon what I wanna-be wenn I gwow-up!

    Best wishes! _m

  6. at 43, I am figuring out too.
    lovely reflections.
    Happy V Day.


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