Monday, May 2, 2011

Well our little Isabel had to spend 10 days in the NICU..So it has been a tough week, she had 9 different IVs ...Poor baby has been stuck way too much!!! She finally got to come home last night..She is well and beautiful and I am loving being a granny!! Devika thank you for checking on me due to the weather..Fortunately we were spared the horrible tornadoes in my area, but a lot of people have been hit and lots of lives lost!! Isabel is 11 days old today and 9 of those 11 days it has rained, we have had severe flooding in our area, even the local wal-mart flooded and was shut down for a few days..Several stormy days and today it is even cold!! It is May and I am sitting in sweats with the heater running!! But all in all life is good!!! Hope everyone is well!!! Much Love, Cindy
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  1. big smiles! that is an awesome little one you got there....

  2. okay, but good to have this message, Cindy...and so lovely the photo:)

    Pray life gets back to normal there soon, and turn warm and happy for you all...with the new one, you might be busy, but i wish to see you in blogs as well :)


  3. She is a beauty in the arms of love, and you look ravishing :)


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