Friday, December 9, 2011

Life as I now know it..

Well it has been awhile since I have posted..Isabel is beautiful, growing like a weed!!! She is just the most wonderful little girl ever!!! August I started feeling bad, with some aches and pains, fatigue..etc..etc..etc..To make a long story short, I have recently been diagnosed with they think....., ruling out some other things, but this is what the rheumatologist feels it is..To be honest with you it just sucks!!! I dont know if what I am going thru is the worst or the fear of the unknown!!! I have read and read other peoples stories and it is not what I am sure it is not what they want either..But I need positive reinforcement!!! I want to be postive..just trying to learn to cope..Life as I now know it!!! Hope all is well with everyone..Happy Holidays!!!


  1. sorry. i know that can be hard...

    i do hope you have a very happy holidays...

  2. __Best Christmas wishes to you, your family... and to ISABEL!


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