Friday, March 20, 2009


When I think of you I smile
I go back in time and I can hear your voice
I think of the thousands of beads, all the yarn, and how creative you were
I go in my kitchen and pick up a cookbook written by you
I laugh at the words that are not really words
But they are your words and the recipes you have created
Time passes and we have moved on with our lives
and I ache for all the things you have missed
the graduations, the weddings, the babies
When I take a look around
I see your face
I see your smile
I see your eyes
I see you in the man I love
I see you in both of my beautiful girls
I thank God for your three sons
and your six grandchildren
and your two great grandchildren
I thank God for you
If not for YOU, the family I love would not have had LIFE........

In loving memory of my mother- in- law Charlene Cowan Brown

February 8 1938 - March 7, 1999


  1. wonderful!
    (funny, we both wrote about "seeing" today. mine was in a different direction, though.)

  2. Well that made me cry! Love you!

  3. How Beautiful, I needed that just one more thing to cry about today. Thank You, seems like crying cleanse the soul. Love Ya

  4. So... is there a way to make a copy of that cook book?


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