Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The End to a Perfect Summer

I will always remember
our late night swimming in the pool,
our long 4 wheeler rides in the mountains,
the weekend in a cabin and
fishing on the river,
We played badminton with our grown kids
and laughed at memories of when they were young
We watched movies til early morning hours
and slept in the next day
I will always remember the summer of "09"
and the memories of the summer we met
Long ago...
As each summer passes
Our story ends another chapter of our lives
but we know it is just the end of a chapter
and the beginning of one that is waiting to be written...


  1. Wow, now that is what marriage is all about, not that I would know since mine lasted all of five years...and never made me want to get married again. This is like a beautiful Country Love Song...the best, you're terrific!

  2. Thank you Lorraine!! I have had a wonderful marriage, but it is a good thing I wrote this before he woke up this morning, because he pissed me off LOL!!

  3. The summer of "09" sounded something like Summer of 42....A classic movie of the seventies...seen it?....should see if you haven' offtrack, but thoroughly engaging,

    and you sound so free minded in this poem...enjoyable one, Cindy :)

    and your the breed called husbands all the same everywhere?? --- yet so lovable! :)


  4. Beautifully written, Cindy. I tend to forget that summer is over by September in most of the, it's still summer until the middle of October, when it starts to cool down a LITTLE bit.
    And Summer of '42 IS a great movie--if you can still find it.

  5. Family life very nicely pictured here in words...made me think of good times, and of summers past.
    Seems like I've seen the movie Summer of 42....but so long ago, I'm at a loss....need to look it up......
    I like reading so keep writing Cindy...xoxo

  6. I love this look into your life. Very sentimental...a beautiful picture. Thanks for your sweet compliment on my writing as well. I hope you continue to visit my blog, too! :)


  7. Cindy...where are your photo blogs??


  8. Hi Dev, I put my link back up:) I deleted the one photo blog, to much to keep up with, but I still have my am3 . Thank you for looking at my pics sweety! Love to you, Cindy

  9. Lovit... I always look to the chapter... "waiting to be written."


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