Saturday, August 29, 2009


Entranced she watched you
suffering from a deja vu moment
caught in a endless time
She was mesmerized by memories
haunted by the pain
with images twisting and turning
Insanity waiting impatiently
to consume what little mind she had left
Every ounce of self respect was gone
and the warmth of her tears
brought little comfort to the emptiness inside
She wants to feel
She wants to feel nothing
Absolutely nothing
If only for a little while....


  1. Devika, I am sorry I have been so busy and I have not even took out time to respond. I did take my photoblog off and will try to start a new one. The AM3 i had to pay for and it was stressing me trying to keep up with it and I felt guilty not being able to respond. I do love photography and will try to look for a free website to post on. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and encouraging words:) LOve , Cindy

  2. Oh Okay Cindy :)
    i was wondering why you took it out,
    hope you will have it back soon,

    and this poem...i like it so much Cindy, the theme -- in a way that nothingness is the peace within...its so much of a bliss....but ofcourse, it shouldn't be out of the numbness,

    nicely written too, Cindy


  3. it resonates all over, nothing, perfect!

  4. feeling
    nothing of time
    the world passes quickly
    but quickly is that guage of time
    soon lost


  5. So deeply felt, Cindy...Thatsa what I like.


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