Wednesday, October 6, 2010


down in the field
where the cornstalks lay
I went for a ride
on a trailer full of hay
full of fear
full of fright
silvery moon
on a cold fall night
deep in the shadows
 I did see
something horrifying
 looking at me
hair that is snarled
hands that are gnarled
pointed hat
big black cat
where is
 the broomstick at?
I heard the screams
I heard the shout
Someone watch me
I am fixing to jump out
down in the field
where the cornstalks lay
I left my ride
on the trailer full of hay
last thing
they did see,
was that ugly old witch
chasing Me!!


  1. verse...reminds me of a haunted hayride i went on once...

  2. we live in a small community and every Halloween my husband and I do the hayride for the kids. But I am always in the cab with him. I am really brave haha!

  3. I love hayrides! That sounds like so much fun, Cindy! And I loved this poem - the fast pace and the rhyme suited the scariness perfectly!

  4. hold on tight Cindy! The rhymes march the poem along at a great pace. I think my kids would love this Halloween-themed poem.

  5. I was kind of shooting for something kids would like, a little scarey but not too scarey.

  6. Brilliant and hilarious, so season-appropriate, love it bravo Cindy! you should send it to a newspaper for Halloween! Very cool!

  7. I had fun reading this--puts me in the Halloween spirit, reminding me that if I don't get a costume soon, I'll have to go as myself again--but that was too scary for most people!

  8. uuhhhh - it's halloween time...what a hayride you took us on...enjoyed it..

  9. Hmmmmthis will show how really 'old' am I! I thought only of being alone out there in the cold in a 50-acre field, being chased by 'something'. It is nightmare time tonight, my lovelies: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Cindy, see the POWER your writing conveys? You have me really scared, afraid to go to sleep.

    GOOD write!

  10. fun Magpie... Halloween is near :)


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