Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is Love Enough

40 plus years gone by
Now the the time stands still for a moment
Memories of childhood
Mine and theirs
Holidays with grandparents
Who have long been gone
All the memories with my mom and dad
Looking ahead to times to come
I watch my oldest daughter
celebrate her wedding anniversary
Knowing how much she wants children of her own
I watch my youngest fall in love
Knowing how much she thinks about her future
Cherishing the moments my girls have with my parents
Watching us all get older
Wishing I could slow down the time
I worry about all the mistakes I have made
Asking myself what kind of
daughter, granddaughter,wife and mom I have been
Wondering how my family would answer
Wondering if they know through all the changes
All the moods, that I love them with all my heart
Just wanting them to know I was trying to find me
Praying that my love was enough........


  1. Nice to read this and know you more, Cindy :)

    i think you are too lovable, :)


  2. Thank you so much for such sweet words!!!

  3. I am only going to start reading the ones that do not make me cry....I think!

  4. From your words.

    time passes
    of the flowers of my life
    love stays

    Cindy, wonderful feelings here, and I shall return often! I heartfully thank you for your visits and comments at the M/H blog. _m

  5. oh Cindy, we're in different worlds (even though we're the same age)! I'm still changing diapers on one of my kids- no one near even dating. :)

  6. Well Andy I started out a WHOLE lot quicker than a lot of people my age! Enjoy those diaper changing days because they will be grown in the blink of an eye!!


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