Saturday, May 2, 2009


This feeling I have
the one that keeps taking me by surprise
This pain in my heart
the one that causes this overwhelming need to cry
The insanity in my mind
the one that makes me not sleep
I take all the pieces of my heart
and all the pieces of my mind
Putting the puzzle back together
thinking I have completed it
Then you walk by and knock it off the table
Now I am looking for the glue
to keep the pieces together
So when I fall
I will still be whole....


  1. Oh this is so very real to life ... so true for me. Very well said, and creatively so.

  2. ha! I relate well with this,

    life is a life-long puzzle, Cindy :)
    like the wind that comes from no where, toppling factors are many, we got to get through troubling others the least,

    Nicely written, Cindy


  3. Song from the's precious!

  4. If only there really was a strong 'glue'. :)
    Good one.


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