Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coming up Rainbows

I asked him
what color is Minnie's dress going to be?
rainbow he replied to me
I asked him
what color is the train going to be?
rainbow he replied to me
I asked him
what colors would you like for crafts today?
I know ..rainbow is what he will say
I smile at this handsome young man
as he asks "Mrs. Brown"
what can I do?
I call his name and ask
'What would you like to do? "
Draw pictures he says to me
and I nod my head yes
I know
 before I go to his desk
what I will see
his markers lined up
the way he sees
his rainbow
To myself I think
God gave him
the most wonderful gift
that in his world
everything is the color of

I know most of my readers know that I work in Special Education and from time to time I write about my experiences. This young man is 15 and I do not like to play favorites but Man alive do I LOVE this kid!! He is autistic and he teaches me something everyday I am with him!! He loves to draw and everything he draws is bright colors and rainbow colors. He draws several things and some of the same things several times. Sometimes they will be so identical, if I did not know better I would swear he was tracing them off of his original. Everything he does has to be in a certain order which is common in autism, but he fascinates me so much , he is an incredibly brilliant kid that I would love to be able to see what he sees in his mind. He has fantastic parents who involve him in everything possible and I know that he gets opportunities so many special needs kids do not get and I wish they had. Children with autism sometimes have difficulty with socialization, today this child took a santa hat that was on his head , he took it off and went and put it on the male teachers head and laughed, really laughed. It was the greatest moment!! He is a gift from God to me and one of the reasons I love my job so much. I learn so much from him , a lot more than he learns from me.
Today he was my rainbow!!!!


  1. smiles. you gotta love these kids...i work with a few as well...and my fav has asbergers....

  2. refreshing piece,
    lovely imagery, the colors of rainbow is breathe taking.

  3. That's very beautiful Cindy, that you recognize his world of rainbows, and love it too

  4. lovely, Cindy :)


  5. what a wonderful post. He sounds like such a sweetheart...and you KNOW I love these kids! :)

  6. __Your heartful honor, Cindy, to a young person... with more civil love... than those that do not require Special Education.
    __Grand! _m

  7. Everything rainbows what a wonderful thought and a wonderful post...Thank you for sharing give that young man a hug and tell him I said Thank You!!

  8. oh cindy, this really touched my heart. great work you're doing with these love them..i can feel it through every line

  9. Cindy, you have been by my blog a few times, and I keep meaning to give you a warm welcome, but somehow always get busy and distracted. Better late than never, I suppose. So, thank you for stopping by.

    My four-year-old son is autistic. I don't mention it on my blog because I have weird in-laws who would do weird things with this information, and since they live 1000 miles away, they don't need to know. But, anyway...this post really touched me. Our Samuel is such a blessing. I can't imagine life with out him.

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