Sunday, November 14, 2010

No words dot dot dot

no words come to me
as I read the many talented
and regret the education
I did not pursue...
I feel ignorance when no words come to me
and I read comments I do not understand
I write from my heart which holds so much love
and I write from my mind with its unlimited thoughts
but limited vocabulary...
no words come to me
when I have so much weighing on my soul
frustration takes over and I just sit
looking at the blank screen
waiting for the words to come to me...


  1. The thing I absolutely adore about a poem like this is that the words are there...maybe not the ones that race in our hearts and minds...but they are still fine and they are still beautiful and they resonate on the page here right now.

  2. "I write from my heart which holds so much love
    and I write from my mind with its unlimited thoughts"

    That is the very reason I love to read you, Cindy :)

    And believe me, You have very much succeeded in translating your thoughts here as we well -- So your words have not gone anywhere :)


  3. You should feel great about the words that come to you. You use them in a genuine and honest fashion.

  4. for whatever you think you make up for with heart and honesty...smiles.

  5. You write what is in your heart (your blog is aptly named)and that is the essence of poetry!

  6. You are what you are Cindy. Do not feel that you have to apologize for anything. The beauty of poetry is in the heart of it. If you feel it, it will show. If you love it, that is an end in and of itself.

  7. A writer needs no education...just life

  8. Words are only paint; its the person that holds the brush... that creates.
    __You hold a pretty nifty brush, Cindy! _m

  9. this is fabulous,
    waiting for words coming to you.
    your writing process is very unique and admirable.

  10. i know this feeling so well...even more when i struggle with english vocabulary and grammar...
    but i also think, it's not the words in the end, it's what's in our heart...and somehow we'll find a way to say it

  11. Thanks so much to all of you for the wonderful support and encouragement!!! My low self confidence sometimes gets the best of me!! It is so nice to have you all!!!! Much love, Cindy

  12. I understand this one. I never really wrote anything until I started my blog...I see everyones elses talent and am amazed.

    keep up the good work:)

  13. Greetings, how are you today?
    we are so happy to have you at our potluck and thanks a bunch for the sweet contribution. Your involvement means a lot to us.
    Any poem is acceptable, simply share and enjoy...
    week 11 is open, hope to see you in.


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