Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Best Friend

You know all of my deep , dark secrets
You know all of my fears and worries
You know all of my likes and dislikes
You understand my moods,
You understand my emotions,
Never does a day go by
that you are not here for me
Never does a day go by,
that I can't cry on your shoulder
You listen with patience and understanding
You support every new adventure
that I take on,
Even though you wonder
why I choose certain things in my life,
or why I do not choose certain things in my life
You have never judged me,
or turned your back on me
YOU are the sister I never had....


  1. Oh she must be wonderful, I'm happy that you have such a close friend, and she'll be thrilled when she reads this :)

  2. You are not looking in a mirror, are you? Anyway: we should! You gave a perfect description of the self-confident side in everyone of us.

    (Of course I also would be happy in the case you write about a real person. Very rare to find somebody with these gifts.)

    Best wishes

  3. She is a real person and we have been friends for over 2o yrs. I do not know what I would do without her. I also have another dear friend who I have talked in to blogging, because she writes so well and she has posted her first post. So if you get a chance check her out! or on my bloglist it is heart and soul. Thanks!

  4. Very nice, and beautifully written, Cindy,

    A friend should be like this, like a mirror where we can see our own reflection-- beautiful, i love this and the frienship :)


  5. You are indeed lucky to have a female friend like that. I had to literally make mine, my wonderful and amazing daughter, Rachael. My hubby is my other best friend.

  6. Here goes another attempt at trying to leave you much love....and to tell you that your photographs leave me breathless and your writings leave me ready to read more!!!!!


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