Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rollercoaster roll on WITHOUT me

Have you ever felt like you were on a rollercoaster in life? Just as that rollercoaster starts to slow down and you get ready to get off. Someone hits the fast button and your head slams against the back of the seat. I just want someone to push the stop button and let me off!!


  1. I figured out the secret to life. It's about making the best of your CURRENT situation. Like, maybe my previous situation was OK, and now, let's say, my current situation is not as good. Doesn't matter--I've got to deal with WHAT I'VE GOT AT THE TIME, and do everything to make the best of THAT situation, and not pack it in because it's worse than before...a constant challenge, of course! (I'm still working on that photo!)

  2. I don't mind any situation in life...just that i should feel alive...sometimes i badly feel the need to cry...because you know i often laugh at the tragic-comic life,

    do not know what made you write this...hope all is well, Cindy :)


  3. Good image, Cindy. The point is: there is no way out of the race without eternal consequences. So I prefer to go on and to tell the man at the buttons THAT WE WANT LESS SPEED!


    Best wishes

  4. That feeling 'Stop the word, I want to getoff' only means you're wise and smart :)


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