Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer was my MENTAL get away and got away I did.......But of course when you think you have got where you were going, you come across road construction. The same road you thought was finished....You know the guy, the one with the orange vest, who makes you to take the detour. The detour that sends you in the opposite direction of your destination....Stupid guy, with the stupid orange vest!


  1. Hilarious and gosh do I know that guy! Are they aware of the damage they do to a restless soul we need familiar posts along the way, don't they know anything oh sweetie, i relate lol

  2. ps go check my am 3 for today again, I've introduced your photo, gosh you're good!

  3. HA! He is the one we call God, i think :))

    We do think we know our destination, but its in His hands, Cindy...the earlier we accept it the less tension we have,

    I like the way you said this, :)


  4. Lorraine, Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I can be funny every now and then ha! You know you get these people in your life that works hard at getting you off track. I sometimes would like to run over the guy with the orange vest lol!
    Devika, You are so right, it is all in HIS hands. Thank you so much:)

  5. I know the same guy! How does it do it! ::smirk: I just wave at him, give him a smile, and follow his "stupid sign".


  6. The guy in the orange vest has to remember which side of his rotating sign he's shoving in your face. Not just any MONKEY could do that...but SOME could!


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