Saturday, September 11, 2010

I work in Special Education and have a few times in the past, talked about Special Olympics or have written about my experiences. Today our Area put on a Family Fun Day for the athletes and their families. I love to observe and photograph these kids and adults. They love unconditionally , they can teach you so much about yourself and love. I am always learning from them. These two are adult athletes I see at several events every year. This young lady, always tells me that this young man is her boyfriend. There is a good 20 years difference in their age. But age means nothing to them and it never fails that every time I see her she lets me know he is her boyfriend. I asked them if I could go get my camera and take their picture and they were happy to oblige. As soon as they saw I had the camera this was there instant pose, I never had to say a word. It was a wonderful day!!


  1. oh i can imagine...i volunteered as a coach for years for SO...i always came away feeling so good...

  2. You are a lovely person much love!


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