Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sitting in the old well house
it waited and waited

for years and years had went by
the back side was lower on one side
and some parts were missing
yet it waited and waited

there were signs of rust
and some paint was needed
for years and years had come and gone
it was in the back hidden
it waited and waited

finally the day had come
new tires made it level again
fresh new paint made it shine
all the missing pieces made it whole
it waited and waited

once it was loved by a little girl
all those years ago
but still it waited and waited

the little girl was all grown now
to big to ride
but still it waited and waited

for the little one to arrive
a few years would have to past by
but it would wait and wait

for the little one
whose mom it once belonged
to be born in April
and to wait and grow
and grow
The Little Red Tricycle


  1. Nice poem, Cindy...reminded me of the things we loved doing as children, and the fun we always look forward in children :)


  2. This is very sweet, Cindy. I had a red tricycle and would spend the whole day long on it's hard to ride 'cause I'm a little big for it.

  3. the expectation is beautiful, what a write-up, well done Cindy:)

  4. ahhhh,,, i knew it,, lol.. at first i thought "red wagon" but then changed. A little red (rusty) wagon is down at my barn..


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