Monday, September 6, 2010

Teardrop in Her Coffee

He walks into the room, eyes searching for her. She stands with her back to him, coffee in hand, so unaware of his presence.

She hears him enter the room, but does not want him to have the satisfaction that she is aware he is watching her. She feels the heat from his eyes as they bore through her to the innermost depth of her being.

He knows that if he touches her she will respond, she will come to him with open arms. He stands waiting , wanting to go to her. He wants to feel the blood flowing through her as her heart speeds with emotion and need. With each step closer, he senses that she is now aware of his presence. He smells the scent of her perfume and he stops and waits.

With each step she can feel him closing in on her, her heart begins to race, her breath quickens. She waits for the touch, wanting to turn and rush into his arms..She wants to feel the fire as she once felt from his strong and gentle hands. She waits...

He leans over and kisses her on the top of her head. He pulls her in close to him. She never lets go of the coffee cup. She never looks up at him. She just plainly says " You know you have to do the right thing " He knew he had to do the right thing and he kissed her hair one more time like she loved for him to do. Then he turned and walked out the door.

She looks down at her cup as one single teardrop drips into her coffee.......


  1. I loved the different viewpoints - and how you could read one section alone and it would still be a complete story. Really neat. So well done and so sad...

  2. Hi Cindy!
    __For a long while, I had had trouble reaching your blog... it did not exist!
    __Seems some changes have been made, and this a fine post; that lonely tear drop. _m

  3. nice. i like the format you chose it works well for this piece...the colors were a bit hard to read...but the writing was great.

  4. Thank you all so much. I kind of went out on a limb with this. I am not very confident in writing any kind of story.
    Talon thank you so much for stopping by.
    Magyar I have had it shut down for awhile, I opened another one who I am dedicating to my first grandchild. But found that I still needed this one as well to experiment with.
    Brian Thank you so much, coming from someone who writes like you I find that an wonderful compliment. I think this new background might be too much with the colors, so I think I will try another one.

    Love to All

  5. Nice to see you getting back to creative writing Cindy :)

    Nice snippet, nice narration, :)


  6. Wow...I'm speculating as to what the "right thing" is. Could this be a reflection from long ago?

  7. oh a love not meant for this lifetime, beautifully written Cindy ;)

  8. This is still my first visit. You wrote earlier that you had no writing talent. Please go back and edit that from your post. You DO have talent, if you didnt get the first part,, lol


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